Complete Interiors

Remodeling for Comprehensive Enjoyment

Full-Service Remodeling Efforts

Do you enjoy every square foot of your home? With Remodeling FX, it’s possible. Creative, upscale, and detail-oriented, we infuse homes with luxury from the basements to the attics. We’re unabashedly passionate about quality workmanship and luxurious materials because we truly believe the best isn’t too much to ask. In fact, it’s our standard. Trust our 25 years of experience to fine-tune every detail and deliver craftsmanship you can enjoy for decades to come.


Remodeling Possibilities With Remodeling FX

  • Basements

  • Custom Bars

  • Attic Bedrooms

  • Theater Rooms

  • And Many More

Explore the Possibilities

Offering design and remodeling services to Northeast Ohio, we’re as comfortable at the drawing board as we are hanging drywall or installing hardwood floors. There’s nothing we love more than listening to your hopes for your home and then making them into phenomenal realities. Our elite team of designers and craftsmen brings the same commitment to every space, from the pantry to the crawl space. Whether you have an unfinished basement that’s dying for an identity or a bedroom that’s never felt useful, we’re poised to make it into your dream space.



Forget the unfinished basement look that allows for nothing but storage. Let us help you create a basement the entire family can spend time in and enjoy!



Ensure that your guests are wowed at each house party you host. Explore custom bar options and construction with Remodeling FX!



Attics are known to be bare and useless living space. Change that narrative by adding an additional bedroom above the rest of the house!



Whether you construct one in your basement or convert an unused room, theater rooms help bring families together to enjoy quality time. Remodeling FX helps create those rooms into reality.



The only limit in complete interior remodeling is your imagination. We want to work with you to help create your ultimate living paradise!


Envision Your Interior, Let Us Help You Create It!

As Northeast Ohio’s most upscale remodeling team, we’re privileged to offer discerning homeowners unparalleled workmanship and customer service. Whatever you want out of your living spaces, we make it happen using elite materials and craftsmanship. As a remodeling team, we never feel entitled to your trust, and we’d love to earn the privilege of transforming the spaces that make up your life. Get in touch today and prepare to have your expectations surpassed in every way.