Bath Remodeling

For Privacy and Comfort

Updating Your Oasis

In addition to practicality, bathrooms infuse your home with essential comfort and privacy. It is a highly-used area that enables you to mentally and physically prepare for whatever lies ahead. We steadfastly believe that any bathroom, no matter its size, can be an indulgent oasis. This level of luxury lies in high-quality materials and fine-tuned details, so turn to Remodeling FX, the team that never compromises or cuts corners.

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Benefits of a Remodeled Bathroom

  • Reduced Clutter

  • Increased Property Value

  • Improved Environmental Friendliness

  • Increased Feeling of Oasis

  • Improved Visual Impact/Appeal

Remodeling Areas in the Bathroom

The bathroom is regarded as the most intimate and private room within a house. It can provide the needed privacy and clarity that residents and guests can both appreciate. While most bathrooms look fairly simple upon first glance, there are many aspects of a remodeling that can transform it into a seemingly new area. Whether it is the flooring or ventilation in the bathroom, each aspect can be transformed to create the overall composition.



Achieve a bathroom floor that’s waterproof, tough, comfortable, and luxurious under your bare feet. And yes, we definitely recommend heated floors for comfort on cool mornings.



Ensure a luxe, tactile effect in your bathroom with a quartz, marble, or granite countertop. We also happily source other world-class materials, so the decision is ultimately up to you!



Faucets and tub drain plugs are used every day, so they should be enjoyable to touch, turn, and push. They should also evoke emotion and last a lifetime. Let us surpass your previous expectations.



Make every bath or shower a spa experience with a custom shower or tub. From rain showers to walk-in tubs, we design and build masterpieces you can enjoy for lifetimes to come.



Upgrade and organize storage (while still keeping the bathroom beautiful) thanks to our detail-oriented cabinet design and installation services. We never settle for anything less than the perfect fit.



Define the atmosphere of your oasis with perfectly balanced lights. Carefully considered and expertly installed, your bathroom’s remodeled lighting will make it a pleasure to use, day or night.

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Create Your Private Paradise

As Northeast Ohio’s most upscale remodeling team, we’re privileged to offer discerning homeowners unparalleled workmanship and customer service. Get in touch with our experts today — we look forward to getting started.